We envision a school where success and achievement for each child is maximized.




The Mission of North Mullins Primary School is to provide a learning environment that affords every student the opportunity to become Creative, Hard-Working, Innovative, and Exceptionally Focused Scholars.



We believe that . . .


  • Every child deserves a quality education.


  • Provided the opportunity, all children can learn.



  • Every child is unique in his or her learning ability.


  • The creativity of a child can enhance learning.



  • A positive relationship between parent and teacher can enhance a child's success.


  • Education should address the whole child: socially, emotionally, culturally, and academically.



  • Education is the shared responsibility of the home, school, and community.


  • All students should be able to compete in a global society.



  • All students should become effective users of technology.